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The eight novellas and short stories in this new collection highlight some of the best of her recent explorations of the near-future: "The Best Years of Our Lives," "Contingencies and Penti-Lope-Lope" with John S. Postovit , "Etamin at East 47th," and "'Rillas. Product Details. Average Review.

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Write a Review. Related Searches. Brutus Lloyd is no more than four feet ten inches tall, an amazingly gnome-like Brutus Lloyd is no more than four feet ten inches tall, an amazingly gnome-like man. He's not a dwarf, simply vest-pocket size.

His head has a brow like a baby cliff, capped by a tuft of jet-black hair that View Product. Gyron de London, most powerful--and most hated--industrialist of the year , is warned by a Gyron de London, most powerful--and most hated--industrialist of the year , is warned by a mysterious letter that his doom is due on the 30th March, three weeks hence. Further anonymous letters repeat the message. The frightened tycoon takes every In his Foreword, Rich Horton says: First rate stories Write report Name :.

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A Fold in Time, part 1 of 2 🎙️ Science Fiction Short Story 🎙️ by Bryan Aiello

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Yet the assured direction from Robert Stevenson , imaginative script, and the wonderful low-key cinematography of Jack Cox , ensure that this British entry is a stylish, intelligent and witty film in its own right. Things to Come Quatermass II The Damned Director Joseph Losey , by his own admission, may have had zero interest in science fiction, but that did not prevent him from producing one of the finest of all British science fiction films. With its initial focus on leather-jacketed bikers in the seaside resort of Weymouth led by the splendid and more sartorially refined Oliver Reed , the film begins as if it is going to be a teen gang film.

But it suddenly segues into darker and certainly more frightening territory as an American tourist and a female gang member inadvertently stumble into a military establishment holding a terrifying secret: a group of irradiated children are being reared and educated within its walls to enable them to survive in a world decimated by a future nuclear war.

The latter did not make it into Aldiss's anthology but it sold like hot cakes anyway, its success perhaps in part attributable to one of the most eye-catching Penguin covers to date. A note in the editorial file stated that the cover should avoid space travel 'as this is much less prominent in sf than is generally supposed' so instead the illustrator, Brian Keogh, overlaid the vertical cover format with a gauze-like khaki panel and a curious contraption that brings to mind the mechanical bride in the upper pane of Marcel Duchamp's The Bride Stripped Bare by her Bachelors, Even.

The Genre From Another Planet: The ’50s - The New York Times

Seen this way, the similarity of Keogh's contraption to Duchamp's bride points to the best story in the anthology, Walter Miller's Command Performance , in which a woman's battle against telepathic and bodily penetration parallels the psychosexual symbolism of Duchamp's masterpiece. This interpretation of Keogh's cover as a science-fictional rendering of one of the twentieth century's most important works of art prefigures the use of abstract and surrealist paintings on the covers of the Penguin sf series in However, according to Maurice Spira, who was a student of Keogh's at the Sidcup School of Art in and witnessed the genesis of this cover, the image derived from a vacuum tube with the glass removed to expose its filaments, electrodes and other components, which Keogh then depicted as a robotic alien creature.

The Outward Urge was billed as a collaboration between John Wyndham and his 'technical adviser' Lucas Parkes, though a clue to the latter's real identity may be found in Wyndham's full name, which was John Wyndham Parkes Lucas Beynon Harris. A pointy little rocket on a backdrop of stars and nebulae hinted at a move by Wyndham towards traditional sf, and this was confirmed by the blurb on the back which announced 'four exciting episodes' in the history of space exploration.

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The error was corrected when the book was reprinted in The Day of the Triffids and The Seeds of Time were also reprinted with illustrated covers, but first prize went to The War of the Worlds for a filigreed drawing of a Martian tripod striding purposefully across the cover like a panzer tank on stilts. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide.

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