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Mutability (poem)

Start presenting Close. Get started. Log in. Laws of nature, likewise, are found in disarray: a barn owl makes a rare flight to the seaside, swallows arrive in spring, and "the Gulf Stream was slowing".

Of Mutability….it changes you

Politic as it is to document this kind of manmade instability, however, Shapcott's poems temper their more urgent observations with the knowledge that both constancy and change are, so to speak, constructs of the human imagination, and "mutability" itself only a word. Look further into the stands of trees and everything changes my cerebral and visual cortex is as old as me. The eye. We are moving and I can't see a thing. Stability and similarity are optical illusions, tricks of the brain to make life easier, and as such easily disrupted by a physical imbalance — or the kind of close attention to experience that these admirable poems demand.

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  • The eye can't locate an individual shade: it's all delicate tips and hints of green rolling in the wind. Frances Leviston's Public Dream is published by Picador.

    Like we said, the tradition of mutability in English poetry goes way back, probably all the way to Chaucer, the granddaddy of English literature. The Renaissance poet Edmund Spenser wrote a famous unfinished fragment about "Mutabilitie" as part of his sprawling work The Fairie Queene.

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    This fragment, known as the "Mutabilitie Cantos," described the devious adventures of a Titan goddess named Mutabilitie, who wreaks all kinds of havoc with her crazy plot to make things change. Shakespeare also tackled the subject of time and change in, like, all of his works. Wordsworth wrote this poem around and it was published in In fact, Percy Shelley wrote a famous sonnet with the exact same title in To be fair, he'd also written one in , but we like to think Wordsworth was robbed.

    Philosophy majors, this is your cue to go nuts: does an object for example, a person have any unique identity after every last trace of it has vanished from earth?