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The walls of this apartment are painted by Dunouy with landscapes, some of the figures of which are by Vernet, and were executed for Murat. Murat, the sister of Napoleon. This room gives access to a Ball-room of recent erection, in the new wing of the palace, towards the avenue de Marigny. Returning to the Dining-room, a door to the left leads to the Slateapartments.

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The Salle de Reception was used by Napoleon I. There is also a beautiful mosaic representing the map of France in Adjoining is the Chambre de Napoleon I. This was his favourite bed-room, where he last slept in Paris after the battle of Waterloo. It is furnished in Louis XV. Now completely restored it is one of the richest and most graceful monuments of Paris; extending from the rue du Fanbourg Saint-Honore to the avenue Gabrielle, it forms, with the enormous garden and hot-houses, a complete parallelogram isolated on all sides.

The cell of Marie Antoinette is to be seen, transformed into an expiatory chapel. Reconstructed at the side of the place Dauphine, it is composed of four buildings, the whole forming one block. The South wing was set on fire and destroyed by the communists in May , but it has now been completely restored.

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For fuller description see page Partly burnt during the Commune, the Palais de Justice has since been completely restored, and counts amongst the most beautiful of the Parisian edifices. Remark, at the angle of the guay, facing the Tribunal of Commerce, a tower with clock, blue framed, restored in and It was from this tower tolled the famous silver bell which, in company with that of Saint-Germain-l'Auxerrois, gave the signal for the perfidious massacre of Saint-Bartholemew's Day Entrance from the quai, to the right of the grand staircase.

The principal facade, facing the quay, is preceded by a largo flight of steps, measuring 34 meters in width. There are 12 Corinthian colums, supporting a front on which France is represented, holding the constitution in her hand, surrounded by Liberty, Peace, War, the Fine Arts, Eloquence, Industry and Commerce.

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The flight of steps is decorated with colossal statues representing Justice and Prudence and the seated figures of d'Aguesseau, Colbert, l'Hospital and Sully. Open daily, excepting Sundays, from It to 1. Apply to the concierge. The Palais de l'Institut occupied the site of the ancient Tour de Nesle. It is surmonted by a fine cupola, and ends in two pavillions resting on arcades.

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The Mazarine Library contains , printed volumes, and about six thousand manuscripts. The library is open daily, excepting Sundays, Irom 11 to 4 or 5. Well worth a visit. The Palais de l'lndusterie was erected for the universal exhibition of by a limited liability company. After the exhibition it was acquired by the State. It is metres long and metres in width, cowering a superficial area of 32, metres. The building possesses a magnificent stained-glass window at the extremity of the grand nave, representing France inviting all the nations of the earth to the universal exhibition.

The annual exhibition of paintings and sculpture, known as the Salon, is held in this palace every year from the 1st of May to the 20th June. Entrance fee : week days : 2 francs in the morning and 1 franc during the afternoon Fridays afternoons 5 francs ; Sundays : 1 franc in the morning afternoons 50 c. This year is probably the last one which will seethe celebrated Salon held in this building, as the demolition of the Palais de l'lndusterie has been decided upon, to make room for some of the buildings of the great exhibition to be held in Paris in Tickets obtained at the Hotel de Ville, bureau de la Direction des travaux, first floor, cour du Nord.

In the municipality purchased for 2. It was a monument the interior of which vied in splendour with the Tuileries. Princely festivals were given here to Queen Victoria in , and to various other crowned heads at different periods. It was quickly decided, however, that the building should be reconstructed, while utilising as far as was possible those portions of the original edifice that were not destroyed by fire.

Designs were advertised for in July, , and those of MM. Ballu and de Perthes were accepted.

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Subsequently the architects were requested to introduce certain alterations into their plan, so as to allow of greater internal accomodation than that which existed in the old building. The cost of the work was set down at 25,, francs. It contains rooms. The design has been copied from that of the original. The two winged figures supporting the upper part of the dial are by M. Charles Garnier, architect of the Opera House. The seated figure immediately below, representing the city, is by M.

Gautherin, and the two recumbent figures on either side of the clock are by M.

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The building is at present used for municipal purposes. The present building was erected by subscription among the members of the Order, and js an exact reproduction of the old Palace.

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The building is constructed on an eminence, and is a mixture of all styles of architecture. The central part contains the grand a Salle des Fetes JJ, used at present ap a concert hail. It contains a colossal organ, and is decorated with splendid paintings by Lemeire The stage ae:,'ommo,fa. Open Tuesdays, Thurdays and Saturdays from 12 till 5, excepting on concert rehearsal days.

A lift conveys visitors to the summit of one of the towers, from whence a good view may be had. The garden on the south of the Palace contains many rare shrubs and plants, and, being well protected against cold winds, is a charming place of resort. Lectures are delivered here on physics, astronomy, chemistry, etc.

A large Aquarium has been established under the garden, its entrance being in the main avenue parallel to the Seine. It is a circular grotto of about feet in circumference, adorned with all kinds of ferns. It contains a museum of all the inventions made in this line, and an immense mural map of all the lighthouses of France. We refer you, therefore, for complete details to the official catalogues. Open to the public every day excepting Monday during the summer from 9 to 5; winter, Sundays and holidays from 10 to 4.

First Floor. The Lenoir, Davillier, and Dieulafoy collections. Middle ages and renaissance Museums. Thiers collection, etc. A supplementary room of paintings.

The Louvre Museum being a veritable labyrinth, I would advise strangers to follow ont my itinerary to the letter, which will permit them to see the Louvre in a single day. Colonnade du Louvre rue du Louvre. This itinerary being traced from the Pavilion Sully, I advise visitors to start from that point. Visit to the galleries of the 1st floor. Having arrived under the clock of the Pavillon Sully, enter the Louvre and leaving the Museum of antiquities to the left ascend the staircase Henri II, leading to the 1st floor : Museum of Paintings.

Louis La Caze on condition that the collection should not be dispersed. Tragonard, , Village festival. Through the door to the left is the Salle Henri II, where are exhibited the French painters of the 19th century. This Hall communicates with the Salle de sept cheminees; which contains the masterpieces of the Modern French School. The Salle de Bijoux contains a precious collection of jewels discovered in excavations.

The ceiling represents Time pointing out the Ruins he causes and the treasures he brings to light. To the left : first case; silver vases from the treasury of Notre-Dame d'Alengon. Second case: gold rings with engraved seals, gold necklaces and ear-rings. Gold and bronze rings and cameos. Wall centre case: Silver objects, a Ceres with movable arms ; antique marks from N.

Centre of the Hall: Case containing a magnificent Greco-Etruscau Diadem of almost inimitable execution, Iron Helmet, gilded and enamelled, of the Roman epoch, found at Amtreville Eure , an Etruscan helmet with golden crown and wings, golden quivers, necklaces, etc.


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From this hall you cross a vestibule with beautiful modern mosaic and large white marble vase, copy of an antique in the Vatican. Ceiling: The Sun and the four elements. Gallery of Appollo. It is the work of the celebrated painter Lebrun 17th century , restored by Duban. The paintings on the upper part of the cupola represent: Apollo vanquishing the serpent Pylho Pelaeroix Night and Evening Lebrun , the morning star Renon Aurora Muller. On the sides are the four seasons and the months of the year.

On the vaulting above the entrance is the triumph of Sybele, the goddess of the earth Guichard after Lebrun , The painting opposite of The Triumph of the Waters is by Lebrun himself. Remark portraits of celebrities in Gobelin tapestries. At bottom of Saloon is table-map of France in mosaic In the centre of this Room are what remain of the Crown Diamonds. The case contains the Regent diamond estimated value: 12 millions of francs ; the petit Mazarin diamond, Napoleon's sword, the crown of Charlemagne, crown of Louis XV, Marie-Antoinette's Brooch, Ruby animal having belonged to Anne de Bretagne, very valuable, watch ornamented with diamonds presented to Louis XIV by the Dey of Algiers, etc.

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