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Veterans honor congressman who died making bonus plea before House photo by Underwood and Underwood, Washington. Inside the French lines in the railroad car of Marshal Foch.

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The reception of the delgates in the car. A few of the American Red Cross ambulances shortly after their arrival on the Italian front.

Lace-veiled mossy wall of wonderful Hanging Lake near Shoshone, Colo. American Red Cross has found it most difficult to find drivers for its vehicles because of man shortage. Here is one of the French girls who have entered the breach standing by one of the Red Cross cards.

American Library Association - Campaigns - Drive for books for fighters. Photo shows a number of girls each with a pile of books wending her way into the Public Library Building, New York, where they left books to be sent to camps.

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Christian militia Red God's Defenders burn ISIS flag in the Philippines

This campaign for books was started by the American Library Association. March 18, To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them. Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems. Tom Wicker points out column, March 3 that ''those who live by the First Amendment have an obligation not to defend it selectively. He argues that the First Amendment should protect Scott Tyler, the Chicago artist who laid an American flag on the floor and invited viewers to walk over it in a work titled ''What is the Proper Way to Display the American Flag?

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Wicker comments that anyone who does walk on the flag ''should be arrested'' for flag desecration. This distinction will make sense neither to the veterans who opposed exhibition of the work, nor to Mr. The veterans might consider the placement of the flag an act of desecration.

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And Mr. Tyler would maintain that the same flag and surrounding photographs, roped off from the public so that people could not walk over it, would not be the work of art that he created. The distinction Mr.

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Wicker makes is far from academic. On March 21, the Supreme Court will hear arguments on whether the First Amendment protects flag desecration as symbolic expression. In Texas v.

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Johnson, Gregory Johnson challenges the constitutionality of his prosecution for allegedly burning a flag in political protest. The highest Texas court to hear the case held the statute unconstitutional as applied to Mr. Johnson's symbolic expression.